A unique provider of genetic tests where you can find a solution to most of your diagnostic needs

Being supported by a provider of genetic tests means entrusting extremely delicate aspects of daily diagnostic activity to an external reference lab. With the support of a team with 20+ years in the field of genetics, GENOMICA has achieved a significant know-how in molecular diagnostics as provider of genetic tests, fully deserving the trust of its customers.

The organization model of GENOMICA's labs is focused at high throughput testing, allowing processing of massive wolume of samples with the shortest turnaround time. GENOMICA's activity satisfies the needs of our customers for 12 months/year, 6 days/week.Testing send out represents a crucial step in the management of daily activities of many hospitals and laboratories.

The added value of GENOMICA is represented by its comprehensive portfolio of genetic tests, which allows the company to meet most of the diagnostic needs emerging in daily clinical practice.

With a broad menu of 10.000+ genetic tests, categorized into 20 diagnostic areas, GENOMICA is able to satisfy increasingly specialised requests in the field of molecular genetics, allowing our customers to refer to a unique lab for the most of the genetic testing needs.