A model of technologies, quality and expertise

GENOMICA is recognized as one of the most advanced molecular diagnostics laboratory in Europe, both for the state-of-the-art instruments and technologies, as well as for its high quality standards.

With two laboratories, located in Rome and Milan, GENOMICA operates as provider of high-tech genetic tests, mainly for clinics, laboratories, hospitals, IVF centers and physicians specialized in different fields.
GENOMICA's services are offered throughout Italy and also abroad, in Europe and the Middle East. Our laboratories receive samples from more than 5.000 customers every day.
The organization of GENOMICA’ s labs is focused at high throughput testing, allowing processing of high volume of samples with the shortest turnaround time.

The added value of GENOMICA is represented by its comprehensive portfolio of genetic tests, which allows the company to meet most of the diagnostic needs emerging in daily clinical practice.
With a list of over 10.000 genetic tests, categorized into 20 diagnostic areas, GENOMICA is able to satisfy increasingly specialised requests in the field of molecular genetics, providing physicians and their patients with innovative and highly specialised diagnostic solutions for any clinical need.